Since the beginning it’s been about fun. About capturing people at their best. We wanted to tell the story about a moment in time that was unbelievable. We felt the energy and tried to illustrate it. We were moved by the excitement and fascinated with the feeling.
The photographer became another character in the nightlife story. There was the red carpet, the celebrity, the nightclub, the people, the music, the fashion, the thrill. There was so much to see and so much to do. The club kids, the cocktail waitresses, the promoters, and the DJs – they all told the story. We were the culture.
Capturing it became our passion. We loved the stories, thrived on the lifestyle. Enjoyed bringing people “behind the velvet rope” where the access enabled us to see things that others never will. It’s a life not known to many, a fairy tale at times, a tragedy at times, but always interesting. Our cameras were our paintbrush, the tri sate our canvas..
The people who have shared this with us all share our enthusiasm, creativity, and most importantly our vision. The team has become an extension of our vision and have enhanced what we see. We are family.
AEOW is the place to see what we do, experience what we feel, and love what we capture. It is for emerging stars in all fields who want to be great and contribute to each others success.